How to go from aspiring to inspiring entrepreneur

Stephen Covey, author of the successful book 7 Habits of Highly Effective People wrote, “Our habits will either make us or break us. We become what we repeatedly do.”


And I imagine that a lot of you aspiring entrepreneurs are in the same journey of figuring out what to repeatedly do everyday to, of course, make yourself a success. You are looking for ways to live life a little bit differently so that you are more successful and happier

Whether you’re trying to scale your business 10x and need the daily habits to get there…


This book contains the recipe for success you can follow to transform from being an aspiring entrepreneur into an inspiring and successful one. These habits came from all of the books, videos, podcast and content that I have consumed when it comes to personal development. There are SO MANY different habits that so many successful entrepreneurs have, but these are the top habits that I’ve taken note of. These habits are all things that anyone can adopt and anyone can learn.

It revolves around what it is that successful people do in their everyday or in their routines that maybe people who aren’t successful don’t do. These are habits that successful entrepreneurs around the world own and embrace.

There’s a saying, “Fill your cup first, as the cup overflows, you have more to give.”

Successful entrepreneurs have their cups overflowing now. Fill your cup with all things written here so you will have something to give when you have become the inspiring entrepreneur you aspire to be.